Big Screen Video Disco

Note: This video has an audio soundtrack.

The Video Disco Add-On can be added to any of our DJ systems except Bronze. The Add-On includes an ultra-bright rear or front projection screen with a video playback console and Professional Video Jockey to rock your party.  The screen is a massive 3m diagonal with truss screen surround and stretchy fabric sails to further frame the screen.  If we’ve got enough ceiling height in the venue then the screen looks great sat above the light-show, but this does need a ceiling height of around 5m minimum, so is really only suitable for very large function rooms and barns etc. The rear projection system needs at least 5m behind the stage to get the right projection depth. If you are planning on using a smaller venue then we can use stand-mounted Plasma Screens to create a similar effect without the space issues.

If you use the Video Disco add-on with our Platinum or Titanium shows then you will also get 2 additional projection screens onto the side fabric sails which show additional graphics and imaginary.

During the show the DJ will play a mixture of music videos and visualisations to accompany any tracks that do not have music videos. Messages can be displayed on the screens and if you are planning a commercial event then this can also display advertising for bar offers or other concessions you may be promoting.

Guideline Price £330.00 (inc VAT)

This price is subject to availability and based on a peak Saturday event date for 4 hours ending before midnight at a venue in the Exeter area with reasonable loading access

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