Newquay Tonight

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I`m in Newquay Tonight with Pete for the world famous New Year`s Eve Party at the Hotel Victoria. The event has been getting bigger and bigger for the last few years and tonight is gonna be a big one. If you are at a loose end in the Westcountry`s Riviera then come on down it`s free entry and the PA goes live at 7pm.

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It`s Christmassssssssssss

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I worked at Axminter Guildhall for a young farmers on Christmas Eve good gig and I think I saw Santa on the way home or maybe it was Big Al with a beard??? Merry Christmas from myself and all the guys at Your Perfect Night. Churchy

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Office is Open in the Xmas week for Quotes and Bookings

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If you need to get a quote or enquire about your booking during the Christmas Week then feel free to get in touch as normal as we have a member of staff on-duty every day over the next fortnight. If you don`t get an answer on the office numbers then please just use the emergency mobile: 07976 243564 or email or enquiry in as normal and someone will get back to you asap. The Christmas week is normally the peak time for wedding planning so our Event Managers are waiting for...

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YFC Ball you enter as a roady you come out as a DJ…

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  7am is normally a time one reserves for waking up but after the Young Farmers Ball this weekend the last thing I`ve wanted to do is sleep. 2 45 minute sets from the band and DJ`s Besty and Big Al mashed up the decks with a 2 hour battle. But wait that leaves half an hour in between the band`s sets what are we gonna do for tunes? That sounds like my time to shine 😛  ...

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