Meet the Team

Our DJs and Presenters

DJ Adam

is one of our part time DJs who help us out at busy times,  you can see him on the decks almost every weekend at the Terrace in Exeter, one of the most stylish venues in the Westcountry.  When he’s not in the booth he is a busy Estate Agent, but don’t let that put you off!

DJ Big Al

is one of the founding members of YPN.  Starting on the local DJ Circuit in 1992 he boasts one of the longest CVs in the business.  Al looks after the booking office during the day and is also our Principle Event Manager. You can often find Al backstage with a hard hat and clipboard. Favourite Tune: Faithless – Insomnia. Guilty Pleasure: Electric Dreams.

DJ Karat

is also a YPN Founding Father. Chris has been DJing for some 24 years; starting out as a Resident DJ at a local hotel, then moving on to the mobile market. Chris is our chief sound engineer and has worked with some big names in the business. Favourite Artist: James Brown. Favourite Genre: Soul.

DJ Jazzy Jay

is another of our part time DJs, Starting as road crew and working his way to DJ stardom.

DJ Vilhelm

aka Kyle is currently on hiatus to complete his uni course in Maths. We hope he will return to the Westcountry soon but he does stage the odd “guest” appearance for us, especially at YFC events. Kyle is our music manager and looks after the DJs music library. Favourite Tune: Into the Night by 4 Strings. Guilty Pleasure: Dolly Parton 9 to 5

DJ Marco

DJ Marco Mobile DJ Presenter and club enthusiast. Raising your pulse since 1990s on the road since 2001 bringing a bass infected sound to the dance floor. Favourite Tune: Born Slippy by Underworld.

DJ Pete

is one of our principle DJs but also looks after our bespoke events and is a skilled lighting designer. He helps out several local drama groups produce their stage productions including Panto and traditional theatre. Favourite Tune: Major Lazer – Lean On

DJ Churchy

Tom retired from DJing in 2016 to concentrate on Drinking, Rugby and occasionally his Family, but he helps out at the odd event and still looks after some of our Social Media campaigns. When his kidneys (or marriage) finally give up we shall welcome him back to the decks. Favourite Tune: Avicii – Levels. Guilty Pleasure: Westlife – Uptown Girl

The Booth Babes


Shelly is our chief Booth Babe and head of event discipline.


Sian is one of our Booth Operators


Jaime is one of our Booth Operators

Support Staff


Amanda works in our events office and keeps everyone on the straight and narrow. Amanda is also a Booth Babe and can be found keeping our photo booths well disciplined.


Ben works with our stage team and is a skilled sound engineer.


Chloe is training to DJ but is already a skilled sound engineer and fantastic Event Manager.

Turntablist / Creative DJs


Adam is a general taste DJ, but if fed the right dietary supplements he can turn into a mean mixing machine, favouring deep and commercial house. If you like your tunes deep and 120bpm then look no further.

Marco Da Funk

The deep house persona of DJ Marco. Get into the mix with Marco Da Funk

A Man Like Nicetouchnick

Wait a minute, is that a turntable? Your eyes do not deceive you, Nicetouchnick is a classic vinyl junky, house, speed house, deep house, everything house.

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