FAQ & Booking Guide

Although we try to make all communications as friendly as possible, it is important that all Events are booked with us directly and confirmed with a YPN contract.  This helps us by making sure that we have all the information and requirements for your event, and helps you by giving you the peace-of-mind that everything is booked and secure.

Getting a Quote

All bookings start off life as a quote.  To get a quote, you can simply complete the quote request form on our Contact Page

During office hours, we aim to turn around quotes in 90 minutes or less, but sometimes it may take longer if we need to speak to personnel at the Venue, or if we need to put together special services for you.  If we need any more information then we will contact you again shortly to confirm the extra information.

A quote will normally be sent as an email attachment in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format, if you have trouble reading the quote we can send as JPEG or GIF format images, or even Fax the quote to you.

Confirming a Booking

If you like what you see and want to go ahead with a booking then you can simply email us back or call us in the booking office and a contract will be written for your Event.  Sometimes additional information will be required, but normally this will be with to you by email within a few hours.

If you do not have access to a printer then the Contracts may also be sent out by post.

Once you have received your contract you just need to print out one copy, sign it and return it with the agreed deposit cheque.  Once the deposit cheque has cleared, then the booking is 100% secure in our diary and cannot be over-written. We will let you know when your cheque has been received and when it has cleared.

What Then?

We will contact you a few weeks before your Event to confirm all details and ensure that the information is still accurate.  You can contact us at any time to check or update details or amend your requirements.

If you have any questions about the booking process then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

I like the look of the Your Perfect Night Disco packages; how do I get a quote for my Event?

The easiest way to get a quote is to visit our website at www.yourperfectnight.co.uk and click on the “contact us” link. The online form will collect all the information we need to produce your quote which will be emailed back to you within a few hours. We’re unable to give quotes by phone, although you’re very welcome to give us a call to chat about the options and get advice from an Event manager.

I like your quote, how do I book Your Perfect Night for my Event?

Once you have reviewed the quote and confirmed that it is suitable for your Event then just reply to us by email and we will start the booking process. Let us know which Disco package you want to book and we will start creating the booking contract for you to sign and return with the booking deposit. We may need more information to complete the booking forms for you so we may email you with some more questions.

When and how do I pay?

We will require a deposit to secure your booking (normally 25% of the total fee then rounded up to make the balance a rounded figure). We prefer payment by BACS online transfer but we also accept cheques made payable to ‘YourPerfectNight’. Credit or Debit Card (Maestro, Visa or MasterCard) payments are subject to a 2.75% processing fee or PayPal payments are subject to a 3.4% + 20p fee. BACS or cheque payments do not incur any transaction fees.

When do I pay the balance of the Fee?

The balance of the fee is payable to the team at the beginning of the night, in cash only. As per Musician’s Union Terms and Conditions, the fee must be paid to the DJ before the performance commences. Many Event organisers prefer to pay the balance in advance, which can be done up to 7 working before the Event. We prefer payment by BACS online transfer but we also accept cheques made payable to ‘YourPerfectNight’. Credit or Debit Card (Maestro, Visa or MasterCard) payments are subject to a 2.75% processing fee or PayPal payments are subject to a 3.4% + 20p fee. BACS or cheque payments do not incur any transaction fees.payments apply.

What do the booking status codes mean?

We have several categories to help us describe the status of your booking. The table below will help you to identify if your booking is subject to a contract and how secure your booking is in our diary.

Booking Status Is a Contract in place? Is my booking secure? Description of Booking status
A – Initial Enquiry Quote No Not until stage E The quote provided is valid for 30 days, but does not constitute a contract and no booking has yet been made.
B – Further Info Quote No Not until stage E Further information can be provided to help you select Disco packages and options for your Event. The booking is not yet secure and no contract has been made.
C – Booking – Provisional No Secure for 5 days When you tell us that you want to make a booking we will ask for more information to complete your contract. We will secure your booking for 5 days while further information is provided.
D – Booking – Tentative Verbal Contract Secure for 10 days Once the contract document is completed it will be emailed to you for you to print, sign, and return with the booking deposit. The booking will be secure for 10 days and a verbal contract exists while we wait for you to return the paperwork.
E – Booking – Confirmed Contracted Secure When we receive your contract and deposit we will email to confirm that the booking is now secure. This email acts as your receipt for the deposit paid and gives you information about how to contact us if you need to alter your booking.
E1 – Booking – Confirmed – Assigned Contracted Secure Before your Event, a DJ will be assigned to your Event and they will send you an introduction email. A few days before your Event the DJ will call you to confirm the final details.
F – Booking – Invoiced Contracted Complete If you have a credit account with us, we will send you an invoice for your final payment on the next working day after your Event. Credit accounts normally have immediate payment terms, so please post your payment back when you receive the invoice.
G – Booking – Complete Contracted Complete Once the booking is complete we will send you a brief email to confirm that the contract is complete and provide information about discounts for regular customers.

Is Your Perfect Night a Disco agency?

NO, absolutely not! We do operate professionally with formal documents that look like some agents use, but we are not an agency; our DJs are directly employed by us and are carefully selected to make sure they operate within our very high standards. Some of our DJs use their off-days to work in local clubs, but other than this they work exclusively for us.

I want to choose the music that you play, do you accept playlists?

Music guidelines, music policies and pre-requests can be submitted at least 10 days in advance of the Event, just ask your event manager for a link to our easy to use pre-request form. We encourage you to supply a maximum of 15 pre-requests to allow the DJ some freedom with the music choice, but you can give detailed guidance or script the track choice for the Event if you prefer.

How will you be dressed; I don’t like the idea of a DJ in Jeans or rude T-shirts?

On arrival and during the set-up, our staff will wear our corporate work clothing. Once the Event is ready and the venue prepared, we change into evening dress – smart corporate work-wear. If you prefer not to have the DJs in uniform then they would be happy to dress in smart casuals or if you are planning a very formal Event, then for an extra £25 you can have the DJ in a DJ (Dinner Jacket).

I went to this party and they had a great ‘Thingy Light’, can I have that at my party?

We’ve got lots of optional extras that can be seen on our website at www.yourperfectnight.co.uk. If you can’t see what you are looking for then just send us an email or call the office and we’ll try to find the effect you want.

How many members of Your Perfect Night staff will attend my Event?

The number of our crew present at the Event will depend on the size of the package booked and the access to the venue. The booking office will be able to confirm for sure how many crew members will be present, but as a rough guide: Bronze and Silver shows will be operated by one or two persons, Gold and above bookings will typically be operated by three or more staff.

What facilities will I need to supply for the DJ?

Our DJs are self-contained, so they just need a flat surface to setup on. If you have a venue with a fixed stage, then the DJ will be happy to use this, but our beautiful lightshows normally look better when sitting at the same level as the audience. The venue must be safe and covered (e.g. if this is an open-air function then we will require a securely covered area to protect the staff and equipment in the Event of rain).

Should I supply refreshments for the DJ and crew?

Whilst the crew members don’t expect a five course meal, if you are catering for your guests or providing a buffet then the crew would appreciate the offer of some food and liquid refreshments! We don’t allow any staff to be inebriated while on-duty so any more than one alcoholic drink is a no-no. Please avoid embarrassing our staff by buying them alcoholic drinks.

What areas do you cover? Can you supply a Disco at the Royal Thingy Hotel in Whatsitford?

Our office and DJs are based in the South West of England, but we operate across the UK and beyond. Even once the transport costs are factored into your quote, we are sure that you will still find that our services are good value for money.

We’ve chosen a song for our first dance, how can we make sure you will have it?

We all carry a huge collection of music, but we haven’t got everything; if you have chosen a very specific track then please get in touch to let us know. Because many tracks have lots of different versions we ask that you send us the right track in advance of your big day. You can send us a CD by post, or MP3 file by email and we will make sure it is sent to the DJ in the week before your Reception, but to be on the safe side we would always recommend that you bring the CD along with you.

My friend’s quote for a Your Perfect Night Disco was much cheaper than mine, how comes?

Prices do change depending on the time of year and day of the week of your Event; prices are more expensive during our peak times (December and May to September), so off-peak quotes are often discounted to encourage off-peak bookings. Travel costs are also taken into account when we construct a quote, so if your Event is further away from our closest DJ then this may account for additional charges. Sunday to Friday Events are often considered off-peak too and discounted (excluding Bank Holidays.)

Are the access routes into the venue important?

Yes, very! The way we get equipment to the dancefloor area is important. Getting the equipment into the venue and setup safely is one of the most important parts of the job, so we need to know at the time of quoting if there is an un-reasonable access route to get into the venue. For instance: a level loading bay in a hotel with a 10m corridor to the dancefloor area is considered reasonable access, but access through a working kitchen is not reasonable access; access with one goods lift with level or ramped loading is reasonable access, but travel of over 30m from the load bay is not reasonable access. Any more than a few stairs is also un-reasonable access. If your venue does not have reasonable access then it’s not problem for us as long as we know about it in advance so we can make sure the quote includes additional crew members to make the setup safe. If we arrive at a venue with a normal number of crew and the access routes are un-reasonable then we may not be able to setup ready for your start time; unreasonable access routes can add up to 90 minutes to the setup time and in extreme cases it may not be possible for the crew to setup at all. If you are in any doubt whatsoever then please don’t hesitate to contact the booking office by email for more advice. If the venue is new to us, then we would be happy to meet you at the venue to survey the access routes and advise appropriately.

I’m planning a fund-raising Disco for a charity, can we have a discount?

We support a number of local charities and are not currently planning on increasing our level of support, but depending on the profile of the Event, we may be interested in exchanging advertising space for a discount on the fee.

I want to chat to the DJ who will be playing at my party, how can I get in contact?

You can give us a call in the bookings office on 0845 867 8371 and chat to a DJ, or leave a message and a DJ will give you a call back. We normally assign specific DJs to Events around 2 weeks in advance, and the DJs will always call you on the Monday or Tuesday before your weekend Event (or end of the previous week for midweek Event) to confirm details such as times, access and first dances for Weddings, etc. If you want a specific DJ assigned to your Event then just mention this in your booking email and we can assign them straight away.

Do you do Children’s parties?

We are happy to quote for any function, but we are not very competitive when comparing us against specialist Children’s entertainers. We can cater for Events for young adults as our DJs and Crew are CRB checked; we would be happy to provide a quote for your school or college prom or party.

At the last wedding I went to, the Disco was setting up during the speeches; can you setup early?

Yes, absolutely! Normally our crew will arrive around 90 minutes before the start of your function to setup for the Event, but if you would like the equipment to be setup during the morning or early afternoon, then specify this when you ask for a quote and we’ll factor the extra time into the quote. If you have already booked and want to bring-forward the setup time, then let us know by email and we can give you an estimate on the extra costs (roughly £15 per hour required prior to the function start time.) If you are sharing the same function room for your wedding breakfast then this will reduce the turn-around time between your afternoon and evening function, and you will be able to use the DJ microphone for your speeches with no extra charge.

My venue want to see your paperwork, can you send them insurance details?

Of course! We are able to supply supporting paperwork for your Event including PLI, ELI, Health & Safety Method Statement, Risk Assessment, PAT Testing certificates and Proof of our ProDub License. Requests for paperwork must be made to the booking office at least 7 working days in advance of your Event, along with a copy of the venue’s paperwork. This is a requirement of our insurance provider to prevent fraudulent claims and remove ‘grey areas’.

I need to hire a generator, what are the power requirements for a Your Perfect Night Disco?

Power is important; we will require between 20amps and 63amps depending on the package booked. This means that if your Event is being held at home, then at least two independent domestic power outlets will be required to power the most basic show. Please remember that a double adapter or 4-way power block cannot be used to increase outlet load, the outlets need to be separate sockets and must not exceed the circuit load. If you are using a barn or temporary structure, then you may need to consider hiring a generator to supply enough power for the Event. The table below shows recommendations for generators depending on the Disco package booked. We insist that you have a second generator to ensure that backup power is available in the case of generator failure. The generator recommendations below have been overrated to allow sufficient headroom to ensure the generator is used within its capability. If you need any more information then please contact the booking office. We do have some generators in our hire stock so please get in touch before booking your generator; if we are unable to supply a suitable generator from our stock, then we also have trade accounts with 3rd party generator hire companies which may be cheaper than booking direct. PTO or building site generators are not suitable. We offer a full range of power distribution suitable for any size of event, right up to huge festival sites; please see http://www.yourperfectnight.co.uk/services/temporary-power for more information.

Disco Package Total power required (in Amps) Number of independent 13a domestic sockets (on a circuit capable of total load in Amps) Peak Power draw Recommended Generator KVA Rating
Bronze 20 2 sockets (20 Amps) 5000 watts 10 kVA
Silver 25 2 sockets (25 Amps) 6000 watts 10 kVA
Gold 32 3 sockets (32 Amps) 8000 watts 15 kVA
Platinum 38 3 sockets (38 Amps) 10000 watts 20 kVA
Titanium 63 5 sockets (63 Amps) 12000 watts 25 kVA

Is Your Perfect Night reliable?

Absolutely! Your Perfect Night has been operating for over 15 years, but our DJs have combined experience of over 100 years; in all this time we have never let down a client and we never will! We usually have a spare DJ or Engineer on stand-by to step-in in the case of a break-down or last-minute illness. All our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained to reduce the risk of breakdowns and we have a comprehensive computer system to prevent any risk of over-booking. We understand that you may be concerned about no-shows because there are many unscrupulous companies in our industry who will take the highest fee and let-down the rest, but please be assured that once your contract with Your Perfect Night  is signed, we are bound by law and honour to perform at your Event and it would take an act of God to stop that happening!

My mate says he can do a Disco for £150; why is it so expensive to book a Your Perfect Night Disco?

As with any purchase, whether it’s a luxury yacht, a pair of shoes or a pizza: you get what you pay for! We are the first to admit that our Disco packages are not the cheapest on the market and you could easily half our fee by looking through the Disco category in your local yellow pages. We fully understand that many Events do not have the budget to justify one of our Disco packages and we would not hold any grudge at all if you choose one of our competitors. It’s very expensive to make sure that everything is done professionally and 100% by-the-book, so if you find a local DJ who offers services very cheaply then it would be worth checking to make sure that they have Public Liability, Employers Liability, and Event Cancellation Insurance, Digital Media Storage Licenses, Public Performance Licences, Musician’s Union Membership, Backup equipment and personnel, Reliable equipment and vehicles, Smart and Professional crew members who do not smoke or drink, and most of all, do they have the image that you want for your Event? Let’s face it; your Wedding could be perfect with the perfect Couple, the weather could be perfect, the reception perfect, the venue perfect, and the food perfect; but if the entertainment isn’t perfect then your guests could go home with poor memories of the night.

Can you provide background music and microphones for the speeches at my wedding?

We can offer complete packages for weddings including music for the ceremony, microphones, video or data projectors for multimedia speeches, band lighting and PA, architectural lighting, safety lighting or anything else with a plug on it. Please contact us with your requirements for a custom quote.

Does Your Perfect Night do Karaoke?

Yes, Karaoke is an optional extra available for any of the Disco packages, but it’s important to remember that our DJs are professional DJs and not Karaoke Jockeys. If you booked a specialist Karaoke show, then the KJ would sing the first few songs to try and get the crowd started and then offer the mic out. No-one wants to hear our DJs sing… no-one!

It’s 11:50pm, we’re having a great time but the DJ is only booked until Midnight, can we extend?

Yes! Subject to negotiation, performance licenses and noise curfew rules (and reason) the DJ will be happy to play on until the party is over. As a rough guide, the DJ performance fees are £60 per hour, so bear this in mind when asking the DJ to extend, and please check with the venue (or neighbours if you are at home) that this is okay with them. Please consider carefully if the Event would benefit from an extension; if there are only a handful of people remaining then you may prefer to enjoy a late drink in the bar rather than keeping the neighbours awake.

How many guests can your sound system cope with?

We use High-Quality sound systems capable of superb quality and performance all-night. The size and capability of the system will depend on the Disco package booked; the table below gives details of the sound systems includes with each Disco package. If you are planning a larger Event then we would be happy to quote for the use of any of our higher-powered systems from our 12kW Drum ‘n’ Bass rig up to our 48kW long-throw line-array concert PA system suitable for Events up to 10,000 guests.

Disco Package Brief Sound System Details Power of PA Suitable for Events up to
Bronze Pair of Full-Range Speakers 1000W 120 guests
Silver Full-Range Speakers and supplemental Subs 2000W 180 guests
Gold Bi-Amped Speakers with Subs 4000W 250 guests
Platinum Bi-Amped Speakers with Subs doubled up 8000W 400 guests
Titanium Tri-Amped system with delay stacks or a Line-Array n/a 800 guests

I need to change details such as venue, times or dates, what do I do?

Please reply to your booking email and let us know what changes you need to make. If you are increasing the performance or setup time then additional costs may be incurred. If you are changing venues, then in the Event of more complex access routes we may need to add additional crew. If you need to change the date of your function, then we will attempt to reschedule the Event, but if the new date for your venue is fully booked then the booking may need to be cancelled or subcontracted to one of our recommended Event partners.

I need to cancel my booking; Why isn’t the deposit refundable?

In the Event of a cancellation, depending on the notice given, there is a risk that the DJ may remain unutilised and will then lose their income on that night. The Deposit goes part-way to compensating the DJ for this loss and partly covers the administration time to process the paperwork. If you cancel the booking within a few weeks of the Event, then further cancellation charges are applicable, please see the Terms and Conditions on your contract for more details. Under certain circumstances (notably if the DJ is reutilised) the deposit can be used partly to book a Your Perfect Night Disco for another Event, please contact the booking office for more information.

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